Today we often talk about design without knowing exactly the meanining of this word.

Design is an English word that substantially means project.

To design comes from the Latin, it means put forward, so the design it to have the awareness of today and imagine a future whre to realize owr own ideas. We like to think at the design as a connection between engineering and art, invention and style, production and retail. Design is first of all is a good way to solve problems.

An object of real design comes from in-depth research on materials, on industrial processes, on the market, interactions with the user, technical and technological innovations, on production methods, storage, transport, sale, use and end of the product.

For this reason, every time we design a new product, we do it with the intent of offering an experience capable of giving emotions that only shapes, materials and colors can stimulate.

We put passion, meticulous attention to detail, product culture and craftsmanship coupled with the most modern production technologies, as well as selecting the best raw materials to ensure we achieve something that will last over time.

“Even before the term Design was used to define a right production for objects that respond to necessary functions, these objects were already in production” (Cit. Bruno Munari from the book “What does thing come from”)